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What to bring to your live scan appointment

Who needs to be Live Scan Fingerprinted:

All Caregivers for children and the elderly, Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Vehicle Sales, Notaries, CPAs, Contractors, Security Guards, Healthcare Practitioners, Dental Assistants, Attorneys, Gaming, Pilots, Insurance , Teachers, Schools, Stock Brokers, Tow Truck Drivers, Dismantlers, Lottery Retailers, Volunteers, ect... Anybody who is required by their employer or by the State of CA for licensing or certification purposes.

What to Bring to Your Appointment

Here is a list of items required to receive Live Scan :

1. Gov't. Issued Identification (Drivers License, I.D. card, Military card, Passport, etc.)


2. Live Scan Form Application

You will likely receive this form when you apply for your CA license or your employer will give you one. The form should be 3 duplicate forms or have carbon copies behind. If you don't have one, we may have a copy for you in the "Forms" tab.

3. Form of Payment

We accept the following:



Credit Cards

Corporate Account

Billing Accounts

4. Basic Service Fees: (Prices vary depending on the Requesting Agency. Other fees may apply)                  

Dept. of Justice: $15 - $32

Federal Bureau of Investigations: $17

DOJ Child Index: $15

Firearm Eligibility: $38

Livescan Identity rolling service fee:

Office Visit = $25 or $15 for Volunteers
On-site = Call for a personalized quote

*We offer on-site services at your home, work or meet at a convenient location of your choice. Rates for on-site services are discounted if more than 5 individuals are fingerprinted or based on contract terms.

*Billing Accounts accepted

* We offer Net Terms


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